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Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Master of Athletic Training Frequently Asked Questions

What undergraduate degree do you recommend?
Undergraduate students interested in athletic training are encouraged to enroll in the Health Education and Promotion (Exercise and Health) program at OSU in Stillwater and also available at OSU-Tulsa for students who wish to stay in Tulsa. Otherwise, a student can choose any major as long as the prerequisite coursework is completed prior to beginning the master’s program.

Will I obtain clinical experience at Oklahoma State University?
The master’s program gives the student more flexibility to obtain clinical experience. OSU-Stillwater is one of the many options for clinical education rotations although it is not required within the 2 year program. It is not unforeseeable for a student to obtain clinical experience out of state, or even explore opportunities for international exposure.

How many hours will the Master’s program take to complete?
 A 53 hour program has been approved.  The program will begin in the Summer 2015, lasting 24 months (summer, fall, spring, summer, fall, spring.)
What will help get into the Master of Athletic Training Program?
 Undergraduate GPA, observation experience with a certified athletic trainer, application materials, interview process, letters of recommendation and civic/leadership experiences.

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