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Richard T. Glass, DDS, Ph.D. Richard T. Glass, D.D.S., Ph.D.
Professor of Forensic Sciences, Pathology and Dental Medicine


Instructional Activities | Research Interests | Biographical Information | Publications

Instructional Activities

  • Survey of Forensic Sciences - graduate course
  • Forensic Pathology and Medicine - graduate course

Research Interests

  • Forensic Odontology
  • Oral Microbiology and Disease Transmission
  • Head and Neck Pain
  • Cancer

Biographical Information

Dr. R. Tom Glass is a Professor of Pathology at OSU. In addition, he continues a practice in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology. His experience includes work as Chief Dentist for the State of Oklahoma and as Department Chairman of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. Dr. Glass holds a D.D.S. from Emory University and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.

Representative Publications & Presentations

Glass, R., Bullard, J., Hadley, C., Mix, E. and Conrad, R. 2001. Partial spectrum of microorganisms found in dentures and possible disease implications. JAOA 101:92-94.

Glass, R. 2000. Abnormal signs found in animals of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome patients: A look at 463 animals. Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 6:73-81.

Glass, R.T. 2000. The human/animal interaction in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome: A look at 127 patients. Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 6:65-72.

Glass, R.T. 1998. The Oklahoma City bombing: the roles of the dental teams . . . and the lessons learned. Okla. Dental Assoc. J. 89:20-36.

Glass, R.T. 1998. The head, neck and oral symptoms of chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome; diagnosis and treatment findings; and a possible association with desert storm illness. Medical Professional/Persons with CFIDS News 3:5-8.

Glass, R.T. 1998. Autopsy findings of chronically ill animals of patients with chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome and autopsy findings of acutely ill animals who receive the agent which produces chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome. Medical Professional/Persons with CFIDS News 3:1-4.

Glass, R.T. 1998. The human/animal interaction of chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome: A look at 127 patients and their 463 animals. Medical Professional/Persons with CFIDS News 3:2-4, 15.

Glass, R.T. 1998. Forensic dentistry: The dentistry you never expect to practice. The California Dental Institute for Continuing Education J. 63:31-38.

Glass, R.T. 1998. Another side of the temporomandibular joint personal injury controversy. Forensic Examiner 7:9-10.
Felton, R.E. and Glass, R.T. 1998. Microorganism presence in desquamative gingivitis. Okla. Dental Assoc. J. 89:40-44.

Glass, R.T. 1996. The expert witness. Okla. Dental Assoc. J. 86:22-24.

Glass, R.T. 1996. The life of a sixth grade song . . . reflections on seventeen days in April and May, 1995. Okla. Dental Assoc. J. 86:46-48.

Martin, W.J. and Glass, R.T. 1995. Acute encephalopathy induced in cats with a stealth virus isolated from a patient with chronic fatigue syndrome. Pathobiology 63:115-118.