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Nancy Van Winkle, Ph.D.Nancy Van Winkle, Ph.D.
Professor of Behavioral Sciences


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Ph.D. (Sociology)
University of Kentucky


Dr. Van Winkle joined the department in 1991 following a faculty position at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Van Winkle coordinates and teaches in the Multicultural Health course, the Aging and End-of-Life component in Health Promotion/Disease Prevention II, and the Advanced Interviewing Skills component of the Primary Care Clinic Clerkship. She also coordinates Medical Spanish I and II. She occasionally teaches other courses for OSU, such as Sociology of Aging at OSU-Tulsa, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine for the OSU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

Dr. Van Winkle is a board member of the OSU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and a founding member of the Oklahoma Academy for Palliative Care Education.

Research Interest

Dr. Van Winkle's current research interests include American Indian suicide and end-of-life decision making among American Indians. Other research topics have included family caregivers of elders with dementia and cognitive impairment among American Indians.

Recent Scholarly Activity & Publications

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