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Harriet Shaw, D.O.Harriet Shaw, D.O.
Residency Director, "Plus One" NMM/OMM Program
Center for Structural Medicine


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Tutor Training Workshop
University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Grandview Osteopathic Hospital
Dayton, OH

D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine)
Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
East Lansing, MI

Graduate Studies (Physiology)
Michigan Technological University
Hougton, MI

B.S. (Biology Secondary Teaching Certificate)
Michigan Technological University
Hougton, MI


  • American Osteopathic Board of Special Proficiency in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, 1994
  • American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians, 1995


State Board of Osteopathic Registration and Examination
State of Michigan B-6998
November 4, 1976 to present
Oklahoma Board of Osteopathic Examiners #1906, April 20, 1979 to present


  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Professional Association Memberships

  • American Osteopathic Association
  • American Academy of Osteopathy
  • Cranial Academy
  • Oklahoma Osteopathic Association

Professional Experience

Clinical Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Clinical Professor of Family Medicine
Section of Manipulative Medicine
Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (OSU-COM)
Tulsa, OK

Associate Professor
Department of Osteopathic Family Medicine

Private Practice
Specializing in osteopathic manipulative medicine
Tulsa, OK

Manual Medicine Consultation

Contractual Instruction

Private Practice
Clinical ecology and manual medicine
Dushay-Moore Clinic (Ear Nose & Throat Clinic of Tulsa, Inc.)
Tulsa, OK

Associate Professor of Osteopathic Medicine

General Practice
Finis Smith Clinic/Oklahoma College of Osteopathic Medicine & Surgery
Tulsa, OK

Assistant Professor of Osteopathic Medicine

General Practice
Mackinac Straits Clinic
St. Ignace and Mackinaw City, MI

General Rotating Internship
Grandview Osteopathic Hospital
Dayton, OH

Other Work Experience

Mail Services Plus, Inc.

Freelance Journalism

Resident Assistant
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI


"Evaluation of Clinical Programs- Oklahoma College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery" with Vernon Smith, D.O., 1980


Oklahoma Osteopathic Association Seminars:
1981    Back to Basics
1982    Back to Basics
1994    Osteopathic Approach to the ENT patient
1999    Osteopathic Approach to the headache patient
2003    Office structural evaluation
2004    OMT techniques for a busy family practice
2009    OMM for Chronic Pelvic Pain

Oklahoma Osteopathic Hospital
1982    Osteopathic philosophy and concepts and nursing implications

South District Osteopathic Society
1982    The allergic history

General Practice Update, Tulsa, Oklahoma
1985    Office practice considerations of low back pain
1986    Office management of structural problems in the lower extremity
1987    Office management of structural problems in the upper extremity
1988    Strain/counterstrain techniques in an office practice
1989    Sports medicine OMT
1994    Osteopathic principles in general practice
1996    One minutes osteopathic techniques for the busy clinician
1998    One minutes osteopathic techniques for the busy clinician

Oklahoma College of Osteopathic Medicine Continuing Medical Education
1982    Structural considerations in the headache patient
1983    “The Back” tutorial
1986    Muscle energy tutorial
1987    Muscle energy tutorial
1988    Teaching psychomotor skills
1989    Muscle energy tutorial
1992    Problem based learning curriculum at University of New Mexico School of Medicine
2008    25th Annual Primary Care Update; “Neck & Upper Thoracic Pain—OMM Practicum”

Northeastern State University Premed Club
1988    What is osteopathic medicine?

Osteopathic Wilderness Medical Society, Yosemite National Park, California
1990    Challenges in osteopathic manipulative management

St. Francis Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma
1990    Back care

American Society Law, Medicine and Ethics, St. John’s Health Center, Springfield, Missouri
1997    Taking responsibility for effective pain management

Indian Health Service, Claremore OK
2003    Evaluation and treatment of low back pain

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Innovations in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Sun Valley, Idaho
2006    Mandibular Drainage Technique
2007    Back & Neck Pain Relief for Surgeons
2008    Musculoskeletal Treatment of Cervicogenic Vertigo
2009    Musculoskeletal Considerations in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
2010    Understanding Cervicogenic Headache

RhinoCamp, Bodrum Turkey
2007    Back & Neck Pain Relief for Otolaryngologists

American Osteopathic Association Convention, American Academy of Osteopathy, New Orleans, LA
2009    A Case of Dizziness: An Osteopathic Perspective
            Hands-on Evaluation and Treatment for Head and Neck Disorders

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Athletic Trainers graduate program
2009    Recognizing Rib Dysfunctions in Athletes (with Dr. Thai)

Jones Counterstrain Institute
1993    Functional Indirect Technique
1996    Functional Indirect Technique

Eastmoreland General Hospital, Portland, Oregon
1985    Muscle Energy Tutorial
American Academy of Osteopathy
1995    OMT update
1996    OMT update

Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation
1991    Structure and function of the temporal bone
1991    table instructor

ABA Physical Therapy, San Mateo, California
1988    Treating musculoskeletal problems 
1989    Functional approach to structural problems above the diaphragm
1990    Functional approach to structural problems below the diaphragm
1991    Functional indirect techniques
1997    Functional indirect techniques
1998    Functional cranial techniques
2000    Sequencing treatment
2003    Functional indirect techniques

Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Continuing Medical Education, East Lansing, Michigan
1989    Functional indirect techniques-level I
1990    Functional indirect techniques-level I
1991    Functional indirect techniques-level I
1993    Functional indirect techniques-level I
1994    Manual medicine techniques below the diaphragm-level II
1995    Manual medicine techniques above the diaphragm-level II
1997    Advanced clinical integration of manual medicine
1998    Functional indirect techniques-level I
1999    Functional indirect techniques-level I
2000    Functional indirect techniques-level I
2002    Functional indirect techniques-level I
2003    Functional indirect techniques-level I
2004    Functional indirect techniques-level I
2005    Functional indirect techniques-level I
2006    Functional indirect techniques-level I
2007    Functional indirect techniques-level I

Professional Service

National Board of Osteopathic Examiners Level I Standard Setting Committee
Academic Standards Committee (OSU-COM), member

Working group “Evidenced Based Medicine in the Curriculum”

Physician support to SOMA during Hunger Run
Physician support to Rural Health Fair (Locust Grove, OK)

OOA Student Mentor

Interview Committee OSU-COM

Student Affairs Committee (OSU-COM), member

Program Director, OMM/NMM Plus-One Residency, Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine          


Educational Council on Osteopathic Principles representative

Editorial Board, National Academies of Practice Forum

Medical Minute, Channel 6 TV, Tulsa, OK

Stress Reduction; Stretching, Back Pain Workshops, Redeemer Covenant Church, Tulsa, OK


  • Provide osteopathic care for residents of St. Simeon nursing home, Tulsa, OK
  • Intern orientation, Tulsa Regional Medical Center, Application of Osteopathic Manipulation in the Hospital Setting
  • Athletic physical exams, Jenks Public Schools,
  • Coordinator, Osteopathic Clinical Skills I, OSU-COM


  • Clinical rotation instructor 3rd and 4th year OSU-COM students


  • Committee for institutional self study (curriculum)


  • Chair, Task Force on Curriculum Review and Revision, OSU-COM


  • Student Affairs committee, member, OSU-COM
  • Representative to Educational Council on Osteopathic Principles


  • Student Selection Committee, OSU-COM
  • Faculty Senate, OSU-COM


  • Acting Chair, Department of Osteopathic Principles and Practices, OSU-COM
  • Ad Hoc Committee - Curriculum Evaluation and Revision
  • Learning Resource Task Force for Comprehensive Library Plan, OSU-COM
  • Chair, Search Committee for Director of the Computer Center, OSU-COM


  • Learning Resources Committee, OSU-COM


  • Representative to Educational Council on Osteopathic Principles


  • Coordinated Medical Education and Technology Planning Conference, OSU-COM


  • Chair, Learning Resources Committee, OSU-COM


  • Coordinator - Osteopathic Principles & Practices courses I & II, OSU-COM


  • American Academy of Osteopathy Publication Committee


  • Representative to Educational Council on Osteopathic Principles


  • Served on College (O.C.O.M.S.) committees:
    • Learning Resources
    • Peer Review
    • Human and Animal Use
    • Promotion and Evaluation
  • Basic Life Support certified instructor
  • Advisor-Undergraduate chapter A.C.G.P., OSU-COM


  • Advisor-Undergraduate American Academy of Osteopathy, OSU-COM

Honors and Awards

1975            Judith Weiswasser Award - Outstanding Woman Graduate
                   Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

1976            Diplomate of the National Board of Examiners

1997            Promotion to Clinical Professor, Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

1999            Shelby High School Outstanding Alumni Award

2000            Distinguished Practitioner, National Academies of Practice

2003            Outstanding Clinical Professor by Class of 2007, OSU-CHS

2006            Outstanding OMM Professor by Class of 2008, OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine

Areas of Special Interest

  • Osteopathic Manipulation:
    • Muscle Energy Techniques
    • Functional Indirect Techniques
    • Osteopathy in the Cranial Field
    • ENT Patients
  • Postural Balancing
  • Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Educational / Curriculum Design
  • Teaching Psychomotor Skills (especially osteopathic manipulation)
  • Stretching/Stress Management


"Clinical Programs Evaluated", Oklahoma D.O., 45:5/20-21, 1980; co-author with Vernon Smith, D.O.

"Glossary of Osteopathic Terminology", J. Amer. Osteo. Assoc., 80:8/119-134, 1981 contributing author (Educational Council on Osteopathic Principles).

Shaw, H. "Heartbeat, Cardiac Care at St. John’s", Tulsa Magazine, 58:30/57-59, 1981.

"A Learning Resource Center for the College of Osteopathic Medicine of O.S.U.-- A Development Plan for Life-Long Learning" contributing author (Learning Resources Task Force).

Shaw, H.H. "Our Capacity for Health is Inherent", Oceana’s Herald Journal, April 5, 1984

Stiles, EG; Shaw, HH: Functional techniques Based on the Approach of George Andrew Laughlin, D.O., Stiles & Shaw, 1991.

Shaw, HH; Shaw, MB: Osteopathic Considerations in the Clinical Specialities - Ear, Nose and Throat. Foundations for Osteopathic Medicine, Williams & Wilkins, 1996.

Shaw, HH; Dyer, RR: One-Minute Osteopathic Techniques for the Busy Clinician. Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1997.

Graham, K; Shaw, H; DeFelice, D; Dyer, R; Mills, M: Family Practice Residents Manual in Osteopathic Manual Medicine. Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1998.

Shrum K, Grogg S, Barton D, Shaw H, Dyer R. Sinusitis in children: the importance of diagnosis and treatment. JAOA May 2001; 101:5, S8-S13.

Shaw, HH, Shaw, MS: Osteopathic management of ear, nose, and throat disease. Foundations for Osteopathic Medicine, 2nd edition, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2003

Submitted for publication in Foundations for Osteopathic Medicine 3rd edition Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins 2009:

Problem Based management of Sinusitis
Problem Based management of Dizziness