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Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine/
Master of Science in Health Care Administration (D.O./H.C.A.)

After graduating from a residency program, physicians often become employed within an integrated health system. The complexities of these large health systems can make the initial employment experience challenging.  New physicians are expected to practice medicine while adjusting to the business intricacies of their employer.  With a greater understanding of the issues facing integrated healthcare delivery organizations, physicians will view themselves as more effective and better able to make a greater contribution to the success of the entity. 

Many OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine graduates will have the opportunity to serve in management positions within health care delivery entities. These opportunities will depend largely upon the ability of the physician to comprehend the challenges of the health care organization and make significant leadership contributions.

Medical students pursuing the D.O./H.C.A. option take health care administration coursework during a one-year period prior to the beginning of the medical school experience.

(Image) HCA Curriculum, 24 Credit Hours, 8 Courses (One Year) then Years 1-4 of Medical School

Students have two summer semesters, one fall semester and one spring semester to complete the 24 credit hours of health care administration coursework.  Additionally, students are granted nine credit hours of graduate credit for their medical school courses.

Medical students who successfully complete this coursework will graduate with a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree and an additional degree of Master of Science in Health Care Administration.

HCA Course Sequence - One Year

Summer 1 Fall 1 Spring 1 Summer 2
HCA 5163
Health Care Accounting and Auditing
HCA 5013
Survey of Health Care Administration
HCA 5083
Financial Structures of Health Care Organizations
HCA 5023
Human Resources in Public Administration
  HCA 5093
Leadership Methods in Health Care
HCA 5123
Research and Evaluation Methods
  HCA 5033
Legal Issues in Health Care
HCA 5063
Health Care Compliance

The transfer credit, health care administration courses and credit hours awarded in the program are as follows:

 Course or Transfer Credit Credit Hours
Transfer Credit for Medical School Experience 9
HCA 5163 - Healthcare Accounting and Auditing 3
HCA 5013 - Survey of Healthcare Administration 3
HCA 5093 - Leadership Methods in Healthcare 3
HCA 5083 - Financial Structures of Healthcare Organizations 3
HCA 5023 - Human Resources in Public Administration 3
HCA 5033 - Legal Issues in Healthcare 3
HCA 5123 - Research and Evaluation Methods 3
HCA 5063 - Healthcare Compliance 3
Total Credit Hours 33

Visit the School of Health Care Administration website for more information.

Application Process for the D.O./H.C.A. Degree

Students wishing to receive deferred admission to the medical school and complete their H.C.A. coursework prior to the first year of medical school should indicate their interest in the D.O./H.C.A. degree on the OSU secondary application for medical school. Only students who successfully complete an on-campus interview for the D.O. program will be considered for this track.

Application Materials for the H.C.A. portion of the D.O./H.C.A. program

  • Applicants submit their application online. The application is found on the web at the OSU Graduate College.
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the educational background of the applicant. Letters of recommendation submitted to the DO program can be forwarded to the School of Healthcare Administration, if requested.
  • Submit a Personal Statement that addresses that addresses the applicant’s desire to pursue the D.O./H.C.A. degree program.    

In addition to submitting the graduate application materials listed above, dual degree students must apply separately to the D.O. program. Consult the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine D.O. admissions page for a complete list of application materials and procedures. Dual degree students may substitute the MCAT for the GRE exam. The deadline for submitting all secondary application materials is March 1.

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