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Required Clinical Rotations

Emergency Medicine Clerkship

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Course requirements listed below are due the end of the rotation and must be submit within 7 days of completing this rotation.  If all items are not received by the 7th, points will be deducted from the final grade.  You may print this out for your own record

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Contact Information

Course Coordinator:
Duane Koehler, D.O.

Phone: 918-584-4387
Email: duane.koehler@okstate.edu

Northeast Coordinator
Xan Bryant, M.BA.

Phone: 918-401-0074
Email: xan.bryant@okstate.edu

Southwest Coordinator
Nicole Neilson, M.S.

Phone: 918-401-0073
Email: Nicole.neilson@okstate.edu

Northwest Coordinator

Phone: 918-401-0799

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