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Required Clinical Rotations

Emergency Medicine Clerkship

Distance Learning Video Lectures

  • Choose two different lectures to view
  • If a video is in 2 parts, part 1 and part 2 both must be viewed to count as one lecture
  • Must complete and submit the Video Lecture Evaluation for each lecture to receive credit

Note:  Make sure that your computer has a sound card installed, speakers are connected and volume is up. The lecture videos are best viewed with the latest Windows Media Player installed. If you are having problems, please try another video and report any problems to your OSU Regional Coordinator.

After viewing each designated lecture, return to the Resource Box and open the Video Lecture Evaluation.  A completed Video Lecture Evaluation for each lecture must be sent to ruralhealth.clerkship@okstate.edu to receive course credit.

Dental Emergencies
Dennis Blankenship, D.O.

Pediatric Emergencies
Stan Grogg, D.O.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Cyanide
David Gearhart, D.O.

Toxicology Update 
Jennifer Galbraith, D.O.

Pain Management in the ED & Promary Care 
Joe Huddleston, D.O.

Orthopedic Emergencies 
Sean O'Brien, D.O.

Pulmonary Embolism 
Will Wylie, D.O.

Aortic Disasters
Gavin Gardner, D.O.

HIV Update
Damon Baker, D.O.

Cardiology Update
Greg Hill, D.O.


Troubleshooting Guide

If the video does not immediately start playing

  • Windows Media Player is installing an additional codec. You may see the Windows Media Technology logo looping -- this looping occurs because the player sometimes downloads this codec in the background without prompting you.
  • If you are not connected to the Internet and you see the continual looping, you must connect so that Windows Media Player can download the codec.

If the volume is too low

  • You may need to increase the volume on the computer, the speakers/headset, and the video player. Then adjust using only the video player.

If the video never plays

  • You may have chosen not to install a needed codec in the past. As a result, Windows Media Player will never prompt you again. You should reinstall Windows Media Player

If the presentation has additional plug-ins

  • You may need to download these plug-ins before continuing to view the presentation.

If the connection seems slow

  • You may not have a sufficient connection rate. For example, if you are connecting from a 28.8k modem, you may have trouble viewing the presentation if it was meant for DSL users. Contact the presentation provider to see if they have a version for your connection rate.



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