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Rural Medical Track

Sub-Internship Syllabus

Course Coordinator:  Duane Koehler, D.O., Assistant to the Associate Dean for Rural Health
Course Contact:   Vicky Pace, M.Ed., Director of Rural Medical Education

The Sub-Internship is designed as an integral part of the OSU-COM Rural Medical Track program and is under the direction of the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Center for Rural Health. The purpose is for the student to:

  • Participate in hands-on training alongside residents at a residency site in Oklahoma
  • Evaluate the residency program for purpose of residency selection
  • Audition, demonstrating skills and character, for the purpose of residency placement
  • Gain insight into medical knowledge and skill level needed for residency
  • Preview how different residencies function
  • Gain a more in-depth understanding of the relationship between the residency program, the hospital and the community

Meeting Times/Locations:
The rotation is a 4 week clinical experience located in both hospital and clinic settings

Student Responsibilities and Professionalism:
University policies will be strictly enforced.
Students are expected to

  • Exhibit professionalism and behave in an ethical manner at all times.
  • Demonstrate reliability and dependability by arriving prior to the expected start time. If you are unable to attend you must contact the preceptor and the OSU Coordinator. Make-up work is at the discretion of the Preceptor and the Course Coordinator.
  • Prepare for and participate in assigned activities and to complete assignment as directed by preceptor and be prepared to discuss.
  • Communicate respectfully (Disruptive or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.)
  • Engage in active learning through participation
  • Accept and apply constructive feedback
  • Demonstrate a desire to exceed expectations
  • Dress appropriately and wear a clean, pressed, white coat unless instructed otherwise
  • Identify himself/herself as a non-graduate medical student by utilizing College-approved identification, and never represent himself/herself as a medical graduate, or function as a licensed physician.
  • Insure that an on-site physician is in attendance at all times while in the facility for training purposes.
  • Observe, evaluate, and participate in the discussions and medical care of patients, at the discretion and under the supervision of an assigned physician.

Course is Pass/Fail Graded   

  • Successful completion of the course is an OSU-COM requirement for graduation.
  • 100% attendance and participation required.  Any absence will require an Exception to the Rotation Form to be completed and returned to the Center for Rural Health Office and may require make-up time or assignment.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to go online and complete a site evaluation.  The site evaluation is a course requirement, and must be completed by 7 days after the completion of the rotation.
  • Readings and other assignments may be required as directed by the preceptor.
  • Final grade will be determined by the Course Coordinator after reviewing the preceptor’s evaluation of the student.
  • Questions about grades should be directed to the Course Coordinator.  If a grievance cannot be satisfactorily resolved in this manner, the student should contact the Associate Dean for Enrollment Management regarding a formal grade appeal.

Students taking this course that feel they have a disability that requires special accommodations to enable full participate, should advise the Course Coordinator of this as soon as possible. The Course Coordinator will work with that student and the Office of Student Services to provide reasonable accommodations to ensure that the student has a fair opportunity to perform. 



Rural Medical Education Office Contact:

Vicky Pace, M.Ed.
Phone: 918-584-4332
Email: vicky.pace@okstate.edu

Course Coordinator
Duane Koehler, D.O.
Phone: 918-584-4387
Email: duane.koehler@okstate.edu

Northeast Coordinator
Xan Bryant, M.BA.
Phone: 918-401-0074
Email: xan.bryant@okstate.edu

Southwest Coordinator
Nicole Neilson, M.S.
Phone: 918-401-0073
Email: nicole.neilson@okstate.edu

Northwest Coordinator
Alex Jones
Phone: 918-401-0799

Southeast Coordinator
Danelle Shufeldt, M.BA.
Phone: 918-401-0074
Email: danelle.shufeldt@okstate.edu


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