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Employment Background Check

Anyone considering a career in the forensic sciences should be aware that the job applications typically go beyond normal requirements for transcripts, employment history, references, interviews, and criminal-record checks.  Because of the comprehensive screening involved, students applying for permanent positions or even for internships in forensic laboratories are encouraged to apply well in advance, as the approval process may take several months.  

Though varying by agency or employer, background checks may extend to inquiries about social companions, financial history, military history, use of alcohol and illegal drugs, medical history, mental health conditions, motor vehicle accidents, police records, personal weapons records, and civil court actions.  In addition, personal information posted on the Internet, including for Web sites like MySpace and Facebook may be subject to review.  Work samples and medical examinations may also be required along with drug, personality, and polygraph tests.  Although the OSU-CHS application asks about felony convictions only, the prospective student should consider all factors that could influence future employment. 

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