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Arson and Explosives Investigation (AEI)
Center for Fire and Explosives, Forensic Investigations, Training and Research (CENFEX)


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John J. Frucci III, Ed.S.
Director, CENFEX
Program Director, Master of Science in Arson and Explosives Investigation

Tom Gersbeck, M.F.S.
Military Outreach Coordinator

Penelope Carr, B.S.
Academic Coordinator, Arson and Explosives Investigation
918-561-8424 or 1-800-677-1972, ext.18424
918-561-5729 (fax) 

Jennifer Kline, B.S.
Program Specialist, Arson and Explosives Investigation
918-561-1467 or 1-800-677-1972, ext. 11467
918-561-5729 (fax)

Matthew Green, Ph.D.
Laboratory Scientist


 AEI Adjuncts

The AEI, GCRT and CENFEX programs maintain exceptional depth in their full-time and adjunct faculty.  As subject matter experts, all faculty members are vetted to provide exceptional and currently relevant information to our Defense, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence communities.  All full-time and adjunct personnel have backgrounds in military, Federal and local law enforcement, including foreign deployments, bringing real world expertise to CENFEX’s research, academia, and range programs.

Edward C. Bender, B.S.
Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Sciences
Ed Bender has worked as a Forensic Chemist for the ATF, FBI, and other investigative agencies since 1979, analyzing explosive device components, blast effects, and trace evidence by physical and chemical techniques. He has been an instructor in post-blast investigation courses since 1997, in locations across the USA and Canada.

Jeff Gallant, J.D.
Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Sciences
Mr. Gallant is an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma, and teaches The Law and Expert Evidence, and Arson/Explosives Laws and Regulations.

Michael R. Keller, P.E.
Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Sciences
Mr. Keller is a Senior Electrical Engineer/Electrical Engineering Technical Lead with the Department of Justice ATF Fire Research Laboratory, with more than 25 years’ experience in electrical, construction, and forensic engineering.

David Krueger, M.S.
Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Sciences
A Special Agent Bomb Technician, Mr. Krueger has worked for the FBI since 2009, and has been deployed to Georgia, Lebanon, and Jordan.  He responds to and investigates actual or threatened IED incidents both domestically and internationally, including render safe and post-blast investigations.

Shane Langerud, D.M.
Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Sciences
Dr. Langerud is an active duty United States Marine Corps Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician. He has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan where he conducted EOD response missions as well as in-theater exploitation operations on IEDs. Dr. Langerud has been formally trained in expeditionary forensics and is the Service-level coordinator for the EOD Information Management System – the Joint Service EOD operational and training reporting tool.

James Lisle
Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Sciences
Mr. Lisle became a Special Agent Bomb Technician with the FBI after serving as a police officer with the NYPD, and a Captain in the US Army.  He is certified to teach/present on explosive, IED, and Weapons of Mass Destruction topics.

James Lord, M.S.
Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Sciences
Mr. Lord has been Senior Fire Research Engineer for the ATF, and has presented at National and International meetings.  He teaches Fire Dynamics for Forensic Investigators, Advanced Fire Dynamics, Computer Fire Modeling, and Advanced Computer Fire Modeling.

Lee McCarthy, P.E.
Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Sciences
Mr. McCarthy is a licensed professional engineer and certified fire investigator with experience in fire and explosion investigation, fire protection engineering, and fire science.  He has spent years working at ATF’s Fire Research Laboratory, while responding to major incidents as a member of ATF’s National Response Team.

Mark Payton, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Sciences
Dr. Payton is the Head of the Oklahoma State University Department of Statistics, where he is also the Regents Service Professor.

David Share, B.S.N., M.A.Ed.
Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Sciences
Senior HR Administrator for Navy Medicine Accessions Programs for State of Oklahoma.  Was Senior Nurse for Shock Trauma Platon iinsupport of Marine Expeditionary Forces and International Security Forces in Nimroz and Helmand Provinces, Afghanistan.

Gary Thomas, M.S.
Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Sciences
Mr. Thomas has a MS in Applied Intelligence, and is a Senior Electronics Engineer who has reverse-engineered IED devices, received the NATO Medal for Civilian Service in Afghanistan, and has a career experience supporting the NSA, CIA, FBI and the DoD.

Frances Wagner, M.S.
Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Sciences
Ms. Wagner’s degree is in environmental toxicology.  She is certified to work with radiolabeled compounds and irradiators, has researched photocarcinogenesis of UV-oxidized tryptophan, and has utilized molecular techniques to determine genotoxicity of multiple carcinogens.

Larry Zinn, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Sciences
Dr. Zinn has been the Quality Manager/Accreditation Manager, Health & Safety Manager, and Training/Continuing Education Coordinator for the Tulsa Police Department Forensic Laboratory since 2006.  He has worked as Laboratory Director in Environmental Services Laboratories in Miami and Tulsa, OK, as well as Director of the USCPI, National Analytical Laboratory.


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