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Rob AllenThank you for considering our laboratory for your relationship and forensic testing needs. 

Robert W. Allen, Ph.D., serves as the Director of the laboratory. Dr. Allen holds a Ph. D. in the field of cell biology. He is an expert in the fields of forensic DNA testing and in relationship testing, and is qualified to direct, analyze, and interpret all technologies available. His laboratory has been using DNA typing both for forensics and relationship casework since 1985 and was among the first to be accredited for DNA typing by the AABB. Our laboratory has been accredited by the AABB since 1992.

About Our Work

DNA typing is the most powerful genetic testing method available. A variety of sample types can be used as a source of DNA. The most typical sample used is a mouth (buccal) swab that is quickly and painlessly collected. We are also able to use virtually any sample of biological origin as a source of DNA that is suitable for testing.