Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

OSU-CHS Human Identity Testing Lab

The Human Identity Testing Lab at OSU Center for Health Sciences conducts DNA testing for use in civil or criminal court cases or for personal reasons. We are accredited by the AABB for relationship testing and follow the organization’s standards to ensure accurate and reliable DNA test results.

DNA typing is the most powerful genetic testing method available and can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Determining if an individual is a biological parent of a child or children, which can be useful in child custody, child support or parental rights cases
  • Identifying biological relationships between a child and a possible grandparent, aunt, uncle or other relative for personal or legal reasons, such as inheritance or immigration
  • Finding out if an individual is related to another and what that relationship might be
  • Seeking the answer to whether twins are identical or fraternal
  • Verifying Native American heritage for tribal enrollment

Are we related?

There are many reasons to find out if one person is related to another. DNA testing is common in child custody or child support cases and can determine various relationships, such as parent/child, grandparent, sibling, aunt or uncle.

It is easy to get tested.  The most common method is the use of a mouth swab to quickly and painlessly collect DNA. We can arrange for DNA collection at locations throughout the U.S. and the world to assure the chain of custody and the accuracy of the results. There are even ways of reconstructing the genetic makeup of a deceased person through collection of DNA from other family members.

No matter what your situation is, just call and talk to a representative to see how we can help you. To discuss your case, contact the OSU Human Identity Testing Laboratory at 1-800-299-7919 or 918-561-5796.

Payment is required at the onset of testing and, if collection is made at an outside lab, that facility will charge separate fees. All adult participants will receive a notarized copy of the results mailed to the address the participant(s) list on the consent form. You may also include attorneys or anybody else whom you wish to get a copy of the results.

Do you need to prove a biological relationship for immigration?

We work closely with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Embassies, the Department of State and other U.S. government agencies to provide DNA relationship testing for individuals and their families. Often, the U.S. government requires genetic proof that an immigration sponsor is a biological relative of the potential immigrant. Contact us at 1-800-299-7919 once you receive a letter from the government agency asking for an immigration DNA test. We can help you through the process and assure the results meet all the regulations and standards necessary to be valid.

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