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Common Questions

Can the testing be done if the
parties live in different cities
or states?

Yes. We have the ability to utilize
numerous draw sites around the
country and abroad.

How old does my child have to be
to have relatedness testing?

There is no age minimum. We routinely
do testing for parentage on amniotic
fluid, blood that is drawn at time of birth through the umbilical cord, and infants.

Do I need a doctor’s order or attorney
to initiate testing?

No. A large portion of our cases are done for people who want this information for their own knowledge.

How long does the testing take?

The normal turnaround time is approximately two weeks. However, additional testing to provide you with accurate results can sometimes take a little longer.

Can I call to check on the progress of my test?

No. To maintain the confidentiality of our clients, we do not give information about any test over the phone. As soon as the results are ready, they will be mailed, faxed or presented in person to the designated parties.

If I am sick, will it affect the results?

Parentage clients taking medication, on a diet, or suffering from a mild illness can be tested with no effect on the results. Drug or alcohol abuse will not affect test results. However, if blood is used as the source of DNA, testing cannot be done for 90 days following a blood transfusion.

What if the alleged father, mother, or other pertinent party to the testing is deceased?

We can reconstruct the genetic makeup of a deceased person if there are certain other family members available for testing. It is also possible to determine paternity without the mother. Please call to discuss your particular circumstances if you are trying to prove kinship in a case where someone is deceased.

When and how do I pay for testing?

All fees should be paid at the onset of testing. Cases that are received without payment will be held until they are paid in full. If your case is scheduled to be drawn at an outside lab, you will need to be prepared to pay any collection fees that the facility charges for specimen collection. Those fees are separate from the fees for the testing.

Who will receive the results and how will they get them?

All adult participants will receive a notarized copy of the results mailed to the address they put on their consent form. If the client lists an attorney or representative to receive results, the report will be mailed to the attorney or representative, in addition to the client. Results will not be released to anyone who is not listed on the consent form.

What if the mother can't be tested when performing a paternity test?

It is possible to perform paternity testing without the known parent being tested. However, the test is less discriminatory and generally less effective since the genetic markers inherited by the child from the mother cannot be identified. This generally results in lower probabilities of paternity for men who cannot be excluded.

Keep in mind that every case is unique. Please feel free to call the OSU Human Identity Testing laboratory at 800-299-7919 or 918-561-5796 for answers to your particular case.