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Circulation | Interlibrary Loan | Copying | Reference | Application for Library Privileges

students studyingThe Medical Library provides biomedical information and library services that support:

  • teaching
  • learning
  • research
  • patient care
  • community outreach

The Library has built one of the best
biomedical information resource collections
in Oklahoma, consisting of more than:

  • 350 print journal titles and 28,000 bound journal volumes
  • 16,000 electronic journals
  • 10,000 books
  • 5,500 audiovisuals

The Library also provides access to numerous online databases including:

  • AccessMedicine - full-text access to 25 medical reference works
  • DynaMed - point-of-care, evidence-based database covering 3,000 primary care medical conditions
  • ExamMaster - database of 16,000 board exam study questions
  • FIRSTConsult - ClinicalKey component evidence-based database covering 800 primary care medical conditions
  • ClinicalKey- full-text access to about 1100 books and 500 some journal titles
  • PubMed - access to many full-text journals and abstracts/citations using PubMed (MedLine) search engine
  • Bates Physical Exam & Diagnosis Videos - covers detals of complete physical exam using real patients
  • PsycARTICLES - full-text databases from major psychology journals
  • Stat!Ref - full-text access to about 30 medical books
  • UpToDate (on-campus access & for medical students also off-campus access) - point-of-care, evidence-based database covering 7,000 primary care medical conditions
  • VisualDx - database of 16,000 high quality dermatological images for diagnosis and treatment

These electronic databases provide a wealth of information 24/7 through the Library's web page.  Faculty, staff, and students when they are not on the campus can access our full-text databases (UpToDate on-campus only, except medical students also have off-campus access) and print the information at their local internet-enabled computer. A complete list is available in our Online Resources and on the Library's home page.

The Library has adopted the following services and policies to ensure all patrons will have excellent access to its collection of biomedical books, journals, and audiovisuals.

Circulation Services

Borrowing Materials
Individuals who present a valid Center for Health Sciences ID, OSU ID, or a Library Courtesy Card with matching photo ID may borrow items. Library Courtesy Card patrons have limited borrowing privileges and some are charged a fee. Students on clerkship rotation may borrow materials by contacting the Library Circulation Desk. Rotating students may not check out materials restricted to library or campus use, e.g. course reserves, models, reference books, etc.

Loan Periods and Charges

Material Loan Period Overdue fine
Audiovisuals (including audiocassettes) 30 days .10¢ per day
Books   30 days .10¢ per day
CD Collection 14 days or 30 days .10¢ per day
Print journals** and videocassettes  7 days .25¢ per day
Reserve materials - course reserve*  3 hours .60¢ per hour
Skulls** 3 hours .60¢ per hour
Radiographs** 3 hours .60¢ per hour
Bone boxes**  3 days $6.00 per day
3 day Special Models** 3 days $6.00 per day
Same Day 1 day .60¢ per day
User manuals and radiographs  On-campus only

Osteopathic journals  Library use only  
Reference materials and Indexes  Library use only  
Mini Laptop Computers   1 week $6.00 per day
Headphones--Wired & Wireless & Sound Proof   1 day $1.00 per day

* Some reserve materials may be kept overnight if checked out within three hours of closing and returned by due date.
** Circulate only to Center for Health Sciences faculty, staff and students.

A patron is blocked when fines reach $50.00.

Returning Materials
Collection materials may be returned to:

  • Circulation desk, or outside book drop in hall near Library entrance.
  • All reserve materials must be returned to the Circulation Desk

Fines and Billing Policy
Collection materials fines are:

  • 10 cents per day for each overdue book and most audiovisuals.
  • 25 cents per day for print journals, videocassettes, models and bone boxes.
  • $1.00 per day for each overdue "Recalled" item.
  • Fines are 60 cents per hour for 3-hour Reserve loan items.

Unreturned materials:

  • General collection materials: If an item becomes 40 days overdue, you are billed for the replacement cost of the item(s), plus a $20.00 non-refundable processing fee for each item. If the item is out of print the reprocessing fee is $60.00.
  • Recalled and Reserve materials: If one of these items becomes 30 days overdue, you are billed for the replacement of the item(s), plus a $20.00 non-refundable processing fee.

Failure to respond will result in loss of library privileges. Note: When a lost item(s) is returned after billing, you are credited only for the replacement cost of the item(s). Student, staff and faculty members are charged for lost or damaged books checked out on their IDs.

Supervisors or department chairs of these patrons will be contacted when fines reach $50.00.

Suspension of Library Privileges
A patron's circulation, interlibrary loan and remote access to OVID will be suspended:

  • When fines are over $50.
  • For not returning a recalled book by the recall date.
  • When billed for a lost book.
  • When a book is 40 days overdue and declared lost.

The patron's privileges will be reinstated when all records are cleared.

Recalling Materials
Recalled items are those that have been requested by the Center for Health Sciences faculty, staff or students. Any item may be recalled after 14 days. Items needed for Reserve or Reference may be recalled at any time. Circulation privileges are suspended when materials are not returned by the recall due date. Fines are $1.00 per day.

Renewing Materials
Library items may be renewed once, providing they are not recalled, "lost," interlibrary loan materials, or reserve items. Center faculty may request a semester checkout with no renewals. Materials can be renewed via phone, fax, or in-person.

Child Policy
Center policy does not permit "the continued or reoccurring presence of children in work areas," including the Medical Library.

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Interlibrary Loan Services
If books or journal articles are not available at the OSU Medical Library, they can be obtained by submitting the request form at Interlibrary Loan or fax a request to the Library at 918-561-8412.  The Library will fill your request in 2-3 days , if the desired items are available in OKlahoma.  For items outside of Oklahoma, please allow up to two weeks.  Please allow additional time for mailing to a clerkship rotation site.

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Photocopying Services
A limited number of photocopies of journal articles and book pages are available free to OSU Center for Health Sciences and clerkship rotation students. Deliver can be by mail or FAX. FAX transmissions are limited to forty (40) pages and are available from 7:30am-10:00pm with a four hour delivery time frame if needed for patient care.

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Research Services

For library research services on a specific subject or project, contact one of our research librarians in person, by telephone, or by email.
After a brief consultation with you, the research librarian will conduct a thorough search of the literature on your topic.