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OSU Center for Health Sciences News

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Inside OSU with Burns Hargis features OSU-CHS

Inside OSU with Burns HargisPresident Howard Barnett and Dr. Kayse Shrum, OSU-CHS provost, hosted OSU President Burns Hargis for a tour of campus. President Hargis spoke with students and faculty to learn more about the programs offered at the Center.

Check out the OSU-CHS edition of Inside OSU with President Burns Hargis.

OSU-COM, Tulsa Tech students team up for mock surgeries

Second-year medical students preparing for mock surgeriesSecond-year students in the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine teamed up with Tulsa Tech surgical technology students to perform mock surgeries on Wednesday at the Tulsa Tech Health Sciences Center.

“This professional collaboration allows our second year medical students and the surgical tech students from Tulsa Tech to gain practical experience on how to conduct themselves in an operating room,” said Steve Eddy, D.O., professor of family medicine. “As these students are preparing to begin surgical rotations, they’ll learn how to scrub and gown before a procedure, to announce themselves when they enter the operating room and how to pass and hold instruments.”

In addition to learning how to conduct themselves during surgery, the students also had the opportunity to practice several surgical procedures while supervised by Tulsa Tech faculty. The surgeries included an orthopedic repair, a laparoscopy and a hysterectomy on practice mannequins. The students also had the opportunity to practice suturing during the two-hour experience.

“The teamwork the students practice here is essential for when they start their surgical rotations,” said Eddy. “It’s a phenomenal opportunity to practice their skills and learn the basics of operating room procedure.”

This is the second year that OSU-CHS and Tulsa Tech have teamed up to offer the surgical experience for the students.

OSU in Tulsa hits $2 million in savings from energy conservation

OSU-Tulsa and OSU Center for Health Sciences have reached $2 million in energy savings as a result of the energy conservation program launched in 2007.

“While the world celebrates Earth Day on Sunday, OSU in Tulsa faculty, staff and students can continue to participate in our energy conservation program,” said Angelyn Holmes, energy education manager. “We appreciate everyone who has participated in the energy conservation program. There is a lot of talk about becoming green, and OSU is actually doing that in a big way.”

Since OSU in Tulsa began the program, energy consumption has been reduced by 26 percent. That is the equivalent of 19,469 tons of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere, 3,494 passenger cars removed from the road or 497,987 trees planted.

Some of the energy saving initiatives include turning off lights in empty rooms, shutting down computers, monitors, speakers and printers at the end of the day and turning off appliances like coffee makers, fans and radios when they are not in use. The university has also implemented a paper recycling program and teamed with PepsiCo to place Dream Machines on both campuses.

Visit OSU-Tulsa’s energy education website to learn more about the energy conservation program and how you can help protect the environment.

OSU-CHS, TCC team up to offer MASH Camps

The Northeast Area Health Education Center at Tulsa Community College has teamed up with OSU Center for Health Sciences to host two Connecting Math and Science to Health Careers (MASH) camps this June.

The MASH camps, set for June 18-22 and June 25-29, are for high school sophomores to seniors. They provide students with hands-on activities in math and science to showcase a variety of health care careers.

For more information on the camp, contact Toni Hart at toni.hart@okstate.edu or visit www.okhighered.org/summer-academies.