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Internal Medicine Residency Training

Program Description:

The Tahlequah Medical Group Internal Medicine Residency Program opened with its first class of 3 IM residents in July 2012 and currently recruits 3 new residents annually.  Continuity Clinics are in Tahlequah and rotations are available at both Tahlequah City Hospital, with 100 licensed beds, and Hastings Indian Medical Center, with licensed 60 beds.  Combined, the two hospitals constitute 160 beds of acute care with full-time multi-specialty coverage.  In addition to Internal Medicine our hospitals provide many other specialty services including: Family Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Endovascular Surgery, Urology, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Orthopedic Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Diagnostic Radiology, Interventional Radiology, Infectious Disease, Anesthesiology, Psychiatry, Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine, Pain Management, ENT, and Allergy Medicine.  Tahlequah City Hospital is the only hospital of its size in the entire State of Oklahoma to offer open-heart surgery.  As an institution we have developed into a very progressive regional medical center.  Our Vision is to provide unsurpassed excellence in healthcare.  Quality is the key component in every service we offer, and we remain profoundly dedicated to the goal of producing the finest Internists in the profession.

Tahlequah is approved as a Physician Manpower Training Commission (PMTC) rural practice site.

Department of Medicine Disciplines Include:

  • General Internal Medicine (in-patient and out-patient)
  • Critical Care (Medical ICU, Cardiovascular ICU)
  • Nephrology (in-patient acute dialysis and out-patient chronic dialysis) 
  • Diagnostic Cardiology 
  • Interventional Cardiology (fulltime on-call Cath lab)
  • Hematology
  • Oncology 
  • Infectious Disease 
  • Neurology
  • Pulmonary Medicine   
  • Gastroenterology
  • Hospitalist Program
  • Intensivist Program
  • Infectious Disease 


At Tahlequah City Hospital we take our residency training very seriously.  Our residents work closely with the attending physician faculty, and in fact, many services provide a 1:1 resident to faculty ratio.  The residents are provided ample latitude to manage their cases with prudent oversight by our physician faculty.  The residents are encouraged to become competent in central line placement, lumbar punctures, bone marrow aspirations and biopsies, thoracentesis, paracentesis, and bedside ultrasound evaluation of the critically ill patient.  Those residents wishing to develop endoscopic skills in EGD, colonoscopy, and bronchoscopy are usually able to obtain those additional skills during their training.  All of the Internal Medicine residents are trained to competently manage ventilator-dependent patients.  It is expected by the end of residency that the resident-physicians will be competent in the reading of ECG's, Holter monitors, and electrocardiographic stress tests.  One full day per week -- typically Friday -- is dedicated entirely to formal didactics.  Friday Didactics begin with the usual 7:45 AM Morning Report, during which time the nighttime on-duty residents hand-off the service to the daytime staff.  Morning Report, however, is always more than just the handing-off of cases.  Morning Report is also an important part of the teaching/learning experience.  Cases are discussed and often disease processes are presented in the form of short presentations.  After Morning Report, Friday Didactics then moves into the classroom.  There is time spent studying the American College of Physicians Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program, a University of Utah Electrocardiographic online class, lectures are presented by physician faculty, there is a journal review of many of the world's most authoritative medical journals, lectures are provided by the medical residents themselves, and there is a weekly, one hour, yearlong American College of Physicians video Board review class.  The medical residents attend the yearly Oklahoma chapter meeting of the American College of Physicians and the residents are encouraged to submit poster projects to the annual ACP poster contest.  The residents are encouraged to attend the annual American College of Physicians convention and the annual American College of Osteopathic Internists meeting.  There are multiple Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine video conferences throughout the year that deal with such matters as Osteopathic manipulative medicine and practice management.  The Internal Medicine residents are given their own weekly clinic where they each develop their own panel of patients.  They are expected to maintain and manage those patients throughout their residency years.  The residents may choose to emphasize out-patient care training or they may choose to focus on in-patient care training; however all residents will be generously exposed to both ambulatory-care and hospital-care.  Our program is specifically designed to enable its graduates to competently move into a career of hospital-based or clinic-based medical practice with an emphasis toward meeting the medical needs of rural America.

Salary and Benefits:

PGY1 salary:             $48,000
PGY2 salary:             $49,000
PGY3 salary:             $50,000
PTO/Sick Days:        15 per year
Health, dental, and vision insurance for the resident is paid by the 
CME Days:                5 per year
Education Allowance:  $1,000-$2,000 per year, based on Post Graduate Year
Paid By Program:    COMLEX III Exam Fee, Oklahoma Medical License, OBNDD, DEA, and AOA Dues

Institutional Data 

(including Tahlequah Medical Group, Tahlequah City Hospital, Cherokee Nation Clinics, and Hastings Indian Medical Center):

Outpatient visits: 406,500    
Admissions: 6,100   
ER Visits: 66,700   
Births: 1,300   
Surgeries: 8,800

The City of Tahlequah Oklahoma:

Tahlequah provides a "big city style" yet maintains all the benefits that come with country living.  We are a university town with Northeastern State University in the center of our community.  We are the Capital City of the Cherokee Nation, endowing our town with a rich flavor of that proud and noble heritage.  Tahlequah is a vibrant city offering a unique blend of history, culture, and commerce.  Located at the western boundary of the Ozark Mountains and surrounded by lakes, rivers, and breathtaking natural beauty, our city is a popular destination for travelers from far and near.  It offers the highest quality of public service to the community and is a welcoming, livable, safe, and attractive environment for all our residents, businesses, and visitors.

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Contact Information

Doug Nolan, D.O.
Program Director/DME
Family Medicine Residency

M. Elaine Ramos, D.O.
Program Director/DME
Internal Medicine Residency

Janie Rodriguez
Residency Coordinator
918-456-8896 (fax)

Phyllis Smith
Administrative Program Director

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