Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences



OMECO and its affiliated member institutions support clinical research and scholarly activities through:

  • Assisting in the advancement of knowledge including contributions to medicine through scientific research
  • Creating an association with the specialty colleges research-related educational objectives for interns and residents
  • Providing support for facilitating resident participation in research requirements and/or projects initiated by an osteopathic specialty college
  • Identifying and listing research resources and opportunities available to interns and residents within OMECO
  • Providing ready access to basic science and/or clinical research mentorship and identifying statistical support services available to interns and residents
  • Providing opportunities for continuing study for the development of faculty, investigators, and physicians
  • Establishing policies and guidelines governing scientific research activities

Research Subcommittee

  • Johnnny Stephens, Ph.D., Chair
  • Christopher Thurman, D.O.
  • David Hogan, D.O.
  • Stanley Grogg, D.O.
  • David Wallace, Ph.D.
  • Greg Martens, D.O.
  • Richard Schooler, D.O.
  • Matt Vassar, Ph.D.


Contact for Research Support

Jeffrey J. LeBoeuf, CAE
Executive Director
Osteopathic Medical Education
Consortium of Oklahoma (OMECO)
1111 West 17th Street
Tulsa, OK 74107
918-561-1431 (fax)

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