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The request to work with animals in research, teaching or testing activities must be submitted on an Animal Care and Use Protocol (ACUP) form. Also submit any applicable appendices. These forms are designed in Microsoft Word and should be completed using a computer. No handwritten copies will be accepted. The forms should be completed in full with no blanks. Use "N/A" if certain sections are not applicable. It is always suggested that you download the forms from this Website each time and not use a version you might have saved. Older versions of the ACUP will not be accepted. You are required to submit one (1) fully signed original of the ACUP to the IACUC Administrator.

OSU CHS Animal Care and Use Protocol form (DOCX)

If your protocol requires a minor modification during its approval period, you will need to complete and submit an Amendment form to the IACUC for approval prior to implementing the change. The submission requirements are the same for the modification form as they are for the ACUP form. You are required to submit one (1) fully signed original to the IACUC Administrator.

The IACUC reviews progress of studies annually using the Annual Update form. The IACUC Administrator will send a reminder to the Principal Investigator approximately 60 days prior to the deadline. When Annual Update forms are submitted to the IACUC Administrator prior to the protocol’s expiration date, the protocol is considered active and experiments can be conducted while the annual update is under review.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons Why a Protocol is Not Approved. If you have any questions regarding submission requirements, please contact the IACUC Administrator.

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