Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Electron Microscopy Lab

Blackground beetleElectron Microscopy Lab

The suite has one electron microscope:

  • ZEISS 109 TEM
  • We have attached a side mounted Gatan model 791 Multiscan digital camera. Electronic images are available.

Services include:

  • tissue preparation
  • sectioning
  • staining
  • darkroom technique

A graduate level EM course is offered once a year and is designed to familiarize the graduate student with the theory and application of transmission and scanning electron microscopy in a biomedical setting.


Educational Outreach Program

Each year, the Oklahoma Microscopy Society (OMS) holds an "Ugly Bug" contest for all Oklahoma Elementary Schools, both public and private, as part of its Educational Outreach Program. Kindergarten through 6th grade can participate and "cool" microscopy-related prizes are awarded for the "Ugliest" bugs.  Bugs are sent to a variety of microscopy labs to be processed.

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