Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

OSU-CHS Security

In an effort to create a safe environment for working and learning, employees, students, vendors and visitors are asked to wear an official OSU photo identification card while on campus and at other campus-affiliated buildings and clinics. This photo ID should be clearly visible at all times and must be presented upon request of management personnel or other public safety officials.

The photo identification card is issued at the security kiosk and is the official OSU-CHS ID. Only the individual to whom the card is issued is authorized to wear or possess his or her ID card.

Employees and students who loan their ID card or attempt to use another's ID will be disciplined accordingly.

The ID card is the property of the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences and must be relinquished upon termination from employment or admission.

It is the responsibility of the employee/student to replace his or her card should it become lost or damaged.

Lost and found items can be claimed, turned in, or reported at the security kiosk. An up-to-date log is kept and the items are kept in a secured locker.


Upon admission or employment and completion of all necessary orientation and paperwork, all employees (full-time and part-time) and students will be issued an ID card by campus security at the security kiosk.

The loss of a photo ID card must be immediately reported to security. A replacement card will be made for lost, stolen or defaced cards. There is a replacement fee for these cards.

The lobby reception desk will issue a one-day temporary ID card should any employee or student fail to wear his or her card to campus. Verification of identity and employment status will be made before the temporary card is issued. OSU will maintain a roster of names. Should it be determined that a person is a habitual user of the temporary system, their name will be given to the appropriate supervisor or Dean of Students for potential disciplinary actions.


Vendors and visitors are required to obtain a guest ID card by checking in at one of the two reception desks on the ground floor. Visitors and vendors are required to wear their visitor ID badge in a clearly visible manner while conducting business on OSU-CHS property. Vendors and visitors who do not comply will be escorted off campus.

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