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Silent Witness

OSU-CHS's Silent Witness program provides an opportunity to anonymously offer information regarding any illegal or suspicious activities that occur on campus. Incidents reported through this program are reviewed. Submitting information through the Silent Witness program does not constitute filing an official police report. If you wish to file a police report, contact CHS Security at 918-625-8592.

All information is confidential, and providing your contact information is optional.

Please note: this site is not monitored 24/7. If this is an emergency, contact CHS Security at 918-625-8592.

Where did the incident occur?
When did the incident occur? (Date and Time, if possible)
Describe the situation in as much detail as possible.
Describe the suspect in as much detail as possible. Include the name (if known), approximate height, weight, and age, gender, skin color, hair color, and any other distinguishing features, such as tattoos or piercings.
Are you a victim or a witness?

May we contact you?

If you wish to remain anonymous, please check the appropriate option above and leave the rest of this form blank.


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