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How can I or my group get involved in telemedicine?

There are many online resources and the OSU TeleHealth Staff are also available to help guide you in this process.  You can contact OSU TeleHealth Staff at telemed@okstate.edu.

How can providers get involved in telemedicine?

OSU Center for Health Sciences TeleHealth Staff work with providers regularly to assist in integrating telemedicine into their practice. This includes helping with planning, workflows, understanding equipment and network needs and other items that are required for a successful integration.

How telehealth be provided as a service in my community to enable patients to connect with telemedicine physicians?

OSU Center for Health Sciences is an Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) certified telemedicine network.  We use our network to help patients across Oklahoma connect with telemedicine physicians from their local communities. We also provide information and assistance to help get a site where patients can meet with physicians “virtually” to reduce the costs and frustrations inherent with traveling for physician visits.  There are programs available to help assist with ongoing costs associated with telemedicine. 

Contact OSU Center for Health Sciences TeleHealth Staff at telemed@okstate.edu for additional information.  

Areas we plan to serve in the future:

  • Home health
  • Health Care Connect Fund Consortium Leader
  • Centralized location for information on telemedicine physicians
  • Scheduling service to connect telemedicine physicians with patients
  • Telemedicine legislation updates
  • Information on emerging telemedicine technology and opportunity
  • Information on telemedicine equipment and software

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