Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

TeleHealth Staff


William Pettit, D.O., M.A.
Interim Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Associate Dean of Rural Health
Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Michael Ogle, D.O.
Director of Telemedicine Clinical Services


Jeff Hackler, J.D., M.B.A.
Assistant to the Dean for Rural Service Programs

Steve Casady, B.S.

Director of TeleHealth


Debbie Martin, B.S.
TeleHealth Manager
918-594-8160 (office)
918-855-4905 (cell)
918-594-8191 (fax)

Debbie manages the day-to-day activities for the OSU TeleHealth department. She supervises the Telemedicine/Distance Learning staff employees and acts as liaison to the leadership of the Center for Rural Health. She assures records/reports are kept on all equipment through ownership, purchases, and agreements by working directly with vendors and sites in establishing the need for services. Debbie coordinates student and OMECO residents activities on DL, helps in the development of student education for Rural Health, and teaches videoconferencing & presentation basics to third-year medical students. She trains off-campus hospital staff, physicians, and students in the use of telemedicine/distance learning equipment. She provides services to the mobile telemedicine clinical bus for functions of public relations and medical care. She completed an EMT training course and is an AHA BLS Advanced CPR certified healthcare provider. Previously, Debbie worked in Information Technology at OSU CHS and at Union Public Schools. She has been with OSU Telemedicine since 2004. She obtained her A+ Certification in computer hardware/software and her Associate of Arts degree with certification as Computer Information Systems Technician. Debbie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Education with an emphasis in Information Technology as her major with a minor degree in Sociology from Oklahoma State University in 2007.

  • Telemedicine Clinician (to be announced)
  • TeleHealth Support Technician (to be announced)
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